Women Migrant Workers' Human Rights


UN Women’s series Transforming Our World presents succinct thematic documents with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of tackling inequality and on the legal framework that protects the rights of women as well as promote solutions to these issues from all areas of society.

This brochure highlights the key international instruments for the protection of the rights of women migrant workers and describes the link between gender and migration, highlighting that it is a phenomenon that affects both women and men differently. It also explains the Mexican context, especially that of the state of Chiapas due to the strategic location of this federal entity in matters concerning migration, as well as the vulnerable conditions in which women migrant workers live and the barriers they face. Lastly, the document presents UN Women’s work and underlines the essential components of the harmonization of legislation and public policy to protect and promote the human and labour rights of women migrant workers in Mexico.

This document was elaborated within the framework of the project Promoting and Protecting women migrant workers’ labour and human rights: Engaging with international, national human rights mechanisms to enhance accountability, an initiative funded by the European Union and implemented in three countries around the world (Mexico, Moldova and the Philippines). 

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