Celebrating the Power and Determination of Women and Girls at Every Step



Photos: UN Women/Dzilam Mendez

With the participation of 36,000 women, the "Bonafont Race 2024" took place on Sunday, March 3, on the iconic avenue Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City. This twentieth edition marked a milestone in the public demonstration of the empowerment of women and girls, within the framework of International Women's Day.



Since 2018, we have joined the Bonafont Race as part of the alliance between UN Women and Bonafont, a brand of the Danone Group. This collaboration gave rise to the “Avancemos por la Igualdad” (Moving Forward Equality) or API Program, whose objective is to promote women's economic empowerment and equal opportunities between men and women, thus contributing to gender equality, poverty eradication, economic growth, and sustainable development for society as a whole. 

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The API Program is implemented through an innovative methodology, which seeks (i) inclusive economic recovery by promoting women's economic empowerment in areas affected by the earthquakes of 2017 in Mexico City and Oaxaca through training and capacity-building programs towards entrepreneurship and a resilience approach; (ii) promoting gender equality within Danone in Mexico, ensuring equal working conditions and opportunities for women and men; and (iii) raising awareness about equal job opportunities between men and women. 


Mexican Women Entrepreneurs: Transformation Testimonials 

Women entrepreneurs who have participated in "Avancemos por la Igualdad" (API) highlight the positive impact it has had on their lives and businesses. Beyond boosting their ventures, the program has been key to their personal development, providing them with tools to face challenges and strengthen their resilience. 

Women emphasize the importance of managing and growing their businesses, as well as mutual support and collaboration among program participants. Sharing experiences and partnering to expand their ventures beyond their territories has been fundamental in their path to success. 

Below are some testimonials from entrepreneurs who have participated in the Bonafont Races, who tell us how the API Program has facilitated the development of their ventures and the challenges they have overcome at different stages, always highlighting how empowerment has exponentially influenced the well-being of their families and the value they bring to society:


Erika Malvaez tells us how the knowledge acquired in administration has allowed her to increase the influence of her business.

Victoria Gómez shares how she turned challenges during the pandemic into opportunities, thanks to the training she received from the program.

Rosalba Juárez talks about the benefits of knowledge and learning.

Erika Díaz Ibañes speaks about empowerment and all the new possibilities that arise from sisterhood.

Graciela Pérez Medina affirms how entrepreneurship inspires other women and creates networks of trust.

Beatriz Cardel tells us how the API Program came at the exact moment to grow her venture.

Marisol Hernández highlights the potential of the API Program, for bringing together women with something fundamental in common: a desire to learn from nearby experiences.