Galia Moss – First Latin American woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo

Breaking stereotypes and making history, Galia Moss, a Mexican born-sailor, became the first Latin American woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo, making the journey from Vigo, Spain, to Quintana Roo, Mexico in 41 days. She was also the first Mexican citizen to accomplish such a feat.Accomplishing her dream of sailing across the Atlantic was not the only goal for Moss. In partnership with Televisa Foundation, a donation was made for every eight miles she navigated, helping to build homes for Mexican families. Her sailing expedition around Latin America also led to the sponsorship of 1800 Mexican school children, and generated funding for the renovations for five schools. She later penned Navigating a Dream, a memoir about the adventures of sailing alone across the oceans, and what kept her going on the choppy seas.